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"Dawn is nature's way to tell you to go to bed."

- Unknown
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Welcome to House Darkfell's guild website.

We would like to formally welcome you to our guild website. Our guild is about helping others, protecting the weak, and vanquishing our foes. We will mark the calendar with events and raids. These aren't mandatory, but help your chances of getting rewards from the guild. We do not wish to buy our members, but our members will get rewarded.

We support all forms of play styles, and will not ask you to change. The only time we might, is if you are a ganker, and that's only us asking you to change your targets. If you wish to be evil, then we understand, but we ask that you do not camp, and try not to target one person a ton of times.

Please, enjoy your stay on our website. Feel free to look at our info and read it. We will be posting guides, screenshots, and events. So stay tuned for more!

US Server: Indigo PvP
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Characters: Amadriella, Roywana, Roselined, Lydiaxdawn, Celestie, Rosada, Roselyn, Rosslyn
AIM: ManicMichael94

Characters: Thalinalas, Lillianaxdusk, Ashtend

Characters: Izombie

AIM: AcArNy9118

Characters: Faythal, Erotha, Kikatoru, Terimoru

Characters: Elraya
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We are trying to get to guild level 5 to get our castle so please, mass gather!! And remember to make them to their first refinement (sand/timber/bundle) before donating! Thank you.

~ Michael (TheOneMica)
We here, at House Darkfell, are always accepting recruits. We are looking for recruits that are willing to work hard and be active. We want our members to always follow the Guild Rules and respect their fellow members. The only requirements here are kindness; respect; honor; and loyalty. We ask that you uphold those 4 qualities. Members start at a trial base, where they are carefully observed. Their actions and words will decide whether they get the boot or whether they get Full Member status.

To join, just send a message with your character's name to an officer, or send a tell to any officer's characters in game.
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